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What’s so Interesting about the Intestine?

Ever wonder where the food you eat goes after it passes the stomach? Moms, get to know the intestines.

Fun fact: did you know that the intestine is the longest internal organ of the human body? It’s like a flexible tube of smooth muscle folded on itself that is 7-meters long when stretched (that’s three times taller than a professional basketball player!)

The intestine absorbs the nutrition from the food we eat. These nutrients will be absorbed by our cells and tissues.

The intestine is divided into two major parts: the small intestine and the large intestine.

Our intestines have four functions:

The metabolic function supports the absorption of essential nutrients (calcium, magnesium and iron), vitamins (folic acid, vitamin K, B vitamins) and carbohydrates.

The nutritive function ensures good health of the intestinal cells which are important to the colon.

The immunological function is a defense system of the intestines. It fights bad bacteria or harmful substances that enters the body.

The protective function is an important one. Because the tummy can be vulnerable to bad bacteria, saliva, gastric acids, muscle contractions (peristalsis), and cell membranes protect it. The intestinal bacterial flora also produces bacteriocins --- these attack bad bacteria directly.

All this is good to know because your child’s gut health is important to his well-being! Having a healthy diet and regular intake of probiotics will surely keep your child’s tummy happy and healthy. Probiotics can help balance the intestinal flora or the community of bacteria living in your intestines. It also gives beneficial effects such as protection from bad bacteria and regulation of your digestive system.

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