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Things you may not know about your child’s tummy.

What Should You Give To Your Child With Diarrhea?

As a parent, it’s hard to see our children in pain. When your child is suffering from diarrhea, are you feeding him/her the right food? Tick the box to foods that you think you should give to your child with diarrhea:


    Bananas are easily digested, making them a good choice for easing up your child’s upset tummy. Also, bananas are a good source of potassium that help replace electrolytes that may be lost by because of diarrhea.


    Sugar-free candy contains artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes that can have a laxative effect and may contribute to gas and bloating.


    White rice is easily digested and is high in carbohydrates. It can also help to firm up loose stool.


    Potatoes are easy to prepare and are high in potassium.


    Burgers and other foods with high-fat content can speed up intestinal contractions and cause a reaction to your digestive system.


    Carrots can provide important nutrition and you should include them in your diet while you have diarrhea. Also, carrots can be surprisingly sweet and tasty when served steamed.


    Consumption of milk or dairy products may worsen diarrhea as your child’s tummy is already sensitive to certain food.


    Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, and is recommended as a bulking agent for your stool when you have diarrhea.


    Drinking water or energy drinks can help restore vitamins and minerals that are lost due to diarrhea


    Broccoli is a no-no during diarrhea. Broccoli and other vegetables like cabbage and beans are known to produce gas that may contribute to further diarrhea.


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